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The Revolutionary Communist International has arrived!

After a fantastic week of revolutionary ideas and inspirational reports from all over the world; following many months of preparation by thousands of comrades in dozens of countries; the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI) concluded with a unanimous vote to launch this new International. But this is just the beginning. We are building the worldwide party of revolutionary communism and we need your help. Join the newly-founded RCI, study the genuine ideas of Marxism, and help us fight for revolution in our lifetimes!

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir: down with state repression! Free the imprisoned leaders!

Whilst hundreds of delegates from 37 countries were participating in the fifth day of the founding congress of the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI), we received the shocking news that a government crackdown was underway in Pakistan-held Kashmir against the leaders of the movement that had scored victory against the regime in the fight against electricity and flour price hikes. The delegates, outraged by this news, passed the following motion in condemnation of the government and solidarity with the movement and its persecuted leaders in a unanimous vote.

€474,000 raised at founding conference of Revolutionary Communist International

We are now half way through the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI). And at this point we can say with confidence that we are building on a foundation of solid granite: the revolutionary ideas of Marxism; and the Bolshevik attitude of dedication shared by all our comrades! At the end of the third day, comrades across the International demonstrated their determination to build this historically necessary instrument of world revolution with an astonishing collection that raised €474,000, smashing our target. With half of the conference to go, you can still sign up to participate in the rest!

The founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International begins!

Over 500 communists from every corner of the globe gathered for the first day of the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI), with 7,160 more having signed up to watch online so far. The atmosphere was electric as comrades discussed the class struggle on every continent, with a focus on the central task of the RCI in its founding week: recruiting and training communists for the coming revolution. If you haven’t yet registered to watch the founding conference, you can still do so: sign up now!

India’s ‘strongman’ humbled as shock election result denies Modi a majority

The recent general elections in India have exposed the rottenness of the whole political edifice in the country. Almost all the parties involved have been revealed as bankrupt, with diminishing authority, and having nothing to offer the toiling masses. But Modi’s ruling BJP, which was once considered invincible, came out the biggest loser.

France: how can we stop Le Pen’s advance after Macron dissolves National Assembly?

The European elections in France swept away the parliamentary house of cards on which Macron’s government rested. The polls were a clear debacle for the government. Against a backdrop of massive abstention, the right-wing National Rally (RN) list received 31.5 percent of the votes, compared to less than half that for Macron’s list (14.6 percent). Exposed to the high risk of a no confidence vote, Macron preferred to take the lead and announce the dissolution of the National Assembly, in which he has not had an absolute majority since June 2022, triggering snap legislative elections. 

'Is the East still red?' Answering those that deny China is capitalist

The Morning Star, the political mouthpiece of the Communist Party of Britain, is praising and promoting two new books analysing China, China’s Great Road by John Ross, and The East is Still Red by Carlos Martinez. As you can tell from the titles, both books present the modern day Chinese economy and Communist Party as genuinely Marxist, which in their eyes obliges all communists to actively support them. Both books argue that China is blazing a trail towards socialism and ultimately communism. 

A financial appeal: help us build the Revolutionary Communist International!

In five days, the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI) will be founded. If you have not done so already, sign up here to participate in this historic event online. This new International will be a fighting organisation from the first day. And as Cicero once said, finances are the sinews of war. We therefore appeal to all those who want to see an end to capitalism to donate and strengthen the forces of genuine communism across the world by donating to the first historic fighting fund collection of the RCI.

Under a false flag: the Moscow Trials cover-up

Continuing our series on the historic crimes of Stalinism, and in defence of the genuine ideas of communism, Rob Sewell examines the Moscow Trials of the 1930s – a kangaroo court, through which the bureaucracy drowned Bolshevism in blood.

United States: Trump’s conviction shows turmoil and instability are the new normal

On Thursday, May 30, Donald Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records to influence the 2016 election. Outside the Manhattan courthouse, the Republican denounced the trial, saying, “This was a rigged trial, a disgrace.” Contrary to the jury’s verdict, Trump declared himself not only innocent, but “very innocent.” Despite these protestations, he has made history once again—this time by becoming the first American president to be a convicted felon.

Class Struggle in the Roman Republic

The history of the ancient world provides a treasure trove of lessons for anyone who seeks to understand the class struggles and social transformations that have shaped the world we live in. We publish here the introduction to Alan Woods' book Class Struggle in the Roman Republic, in which he draws out some of the fundamental principles of the Marxist view of history and gives a concise explanation of the causes of the rise and eventual downfall of the Roman Republic, particularly the phenomenon of Caesarism.

Ireland: revolutionary communists launch new website!

We are proud to announce the launch of – the official website of the Revolutionary Communists of Ireland! We stand for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and fight for a Socialist United Ireland, as part of the struggle for the world proletariat revolution. If you agree with our programme, then join us in the fight for communism!

Why half of Romanians hark back to Communism: what I would have said next on GBNews

Many readers of this website may have seen my appearance on GBNews debating with a Romanian pianist about communism. The debate was unfortunately cut short and I did not manage to develop my point about why so many people in Romania today actually have a positive view of the old regime that collapsed back in 1989.

Switzerland: founding congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party – communism is back!  

The founding Congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RKP/PCR) took place in Burgdorf, Switzerland on 10-12 May. After three days of intensive political discussions, the delegates unanimously voted to found the new party and adopt its manifesto. Neither champagne flutes nor bouquets of flowers marked this event. With shouts of “RKP/PCR”, the comrades proudly announced: we are building the foundation of the future mass communist party to overthrow capitalism!