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Britain: Boris resigns – Tory rats abandon their sinking ship

Boris Johnson has lobbed a grenade into the Tory Party on his way out of Parliament, hoping to accelerate the demise of Sunak’s troubled government. This is the latest episode in the crisis of Britain’s regime. Revolutionary explosions lie ahead.

Canada is burning: socialism or climate catastrophe

The second-largest forest fire in British Colombian history. The town of Chibougamau, Quebec, evacuated in the middle of the night. A Halifax suburb burned down. Toronto and Montreal covered in smog. All of this occurring as early as May and June.

Italy: Berlusconi – mad man or useful tool in the hands of the bosses?

Billionaire media tycoon and former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, died of leukaemia today. He will be remembered for his involvement in numerous corruption scandals, sleazy ‘bunga bunga’ parties, child prostitution allegations, and for the attacks perpetrated by his governments against the working class. The liberal wing of the ruling class would like to distance itself from him, but for all that, Berlusconi held up a mirror to the rottenness of his class.