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The Korean War at 70: imperialism’s legacy of bloodshed and division

27 July of this year marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement, which halted the three-year-long, all-out conflict known as the Korean War. The Armistice is not a peace agreement, and the two states that exist on the Korean Peninsula to the north and south of the 38th parallel are technically still at war with each other.

Solidarity with the Venezuelan Communist Party

The Venezuelan Communist Party is facing a campaign of attacks, slanders, and a coup to usurp its legal and electoral registration from its democratically elected leadership, carried out by the PSUV and the government. The following statement of solidarity was approved unanimously by the leadership of the International Marxist Tendency at a meeting of its International Executive Committee this week. The sections and groups represented (from 30 countries) are listed at the end.

[Podcast] Class Struggle in the Roman Republic

The Roman Republic was a society characterised by great social and political upheaval. This is a period of well-documented and important class struggle, which has many parallels with the situation today. If we are to avoid making the mistakes of history, a close study of the past is absolutely crucial for all Marxists.

Spain elections: ‘Progressive Bloc’ resists onslaught of the right, but receives a final warning

The Spanish early elections of 23 July produced unexpected results. The right wing PP and far-right VOX failed to get the overall majority which opinions predicted. A last minute mobilisation of the left vote to prevent the entry of the far right in the government for the first time meant the vote for the social-democratic PSOE held up better than anticipated, leading to a hung parliament. The formation of a new government will be complicated and might even lead to repeat elections, just at a time when the Spanish ruling class needs a strong government to face the oncoming recession. The article by the Spanish comrades of Lucha de Clases analyses the reasons for this scenario.

[Video] Homage to Esteban Volkov, Trotsky’s grandson – speech by Alan Woods at the Leon Trotsky House Museum

On 9 July, a meeting in tribute to Esteban Volkov, grandson of Leon Trotsky, was held at the Leon Trotsky House Museum in Mexico City. A number of invited speakers attended including Alejandro Encinas, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, and Alan Woods. In this video, we present here the moving words of the museum director, Gabriela Pérez Noriega, as Volkov’s ashes were interred with those of his grandfather, and the speech by Alan Woods, leading member of the International Marxist Tendency.

The Spanish Civil War and the crimes of Stalinism

The Spanish Civil War began this month in 1936 with the beginning of the coup by General Franco. The fascist forces could have been defeated, with the working class rising up and fighting back. But their heroism was betrayed by the Stalinists.

USA: spotlight on class struggle – actors and writers join forces

It turns out the biggest drama of the summer isn’t Barbie or Oppenheimer, it’s the labour struggle unfolding in Hollywood. It’s a team-up between beleaguered writers and actors against a supervillain as bad as any you’d see in an action movie: the big studios and streamers, including Disney, Netflix, and Amazon.

European Union: who pays the bill for the climate crisis?

The recent media circus around the Nature Restoration Law approved last week by the European Parliament (which has been rendered essentially harmless in its concrete effects) is intended to conceal the EU’s real objectives: the revival of a ‘green’ protectionism, paid for by workers and their families.

[Podcast] How the Spanish Revolution was betrayed

The Spanish Revolution and Civil War (which began this week in 1936) represent a profoundly heroic period of struggle by the Spanish working class and peasantry. The masses gave their all in the fight against Franco, only to be failed by their leadership. Both the anarchists and the Stalinists, consciously or otherwise, were unable to lead the workers and peasants to victory, ushering in a period of fascist reaction that would last for decades.

The waning sham ‘neutrality’ of the Irish ruling class

The right-wing coalition government of Varadkar and Martin has decided that now is the time to test the water on ditching so-called Irish ‘neutrality’. No doubt they would love to bounce Ireland into NATO, finally ending decades of sham neutrality in favour of open recognition of the 26-county state’s actual position: that of a pawn of western imperialism.

Spain: from the ‘indignados’ to the death of Podemos – prepare for a new revolutionary cycle!

On 15 May 2011, a tremendous movement erupted all over Spain: the indignados. Within a few years, it found a political expression in the rise of Podemos. But the upcoming elections this month are set to confirm the terminal decline of this party, led into a dead end by its leadership. This represents the end of a political cycle. It might seem that we have returned to square one. But the end of this cycle is preparing the ground for a new revolutionary upturn of the mass movement, on a higher level, enriched by the whole experience of the past decade.

NATO summit: Zelensky comes knocking, the door stays shut

NATO’s latest summit in Vilnius is being heralded by its members as a great success and a new step in the process of strengthening the military alliance. But then, they would say that. We need to separate the facts from the press conference statements. If you peek into the goings on behind the scenes, you might get a glimpse of the actual divisions, rifts and challenges facing the imperialist organisation.

[Podcast] Marx or Graeber? A reply to ‘The Dawn of Everything’

David Graeber and David Wengrow’s anthropological opus, The Dawn of Everything, claims to offer an entirely new, radical view of the development of human society (implicitly: one that knocks down Marx and Engels’ historical materialism). This is no small task, but is the book as earth-shattering as the immodest title suggests?

Netherlands: Rutte’s fourth government has collapsed – fight for a class alternative!

The Dutch government has collapsed. The fourth Mark Rutte cabinet (consisting of VVD, CDA, D66, ChristenUnie) fell after a year and a half, brought down by disagreements over asylum and migration policies. The VVD (right-wing liberals) clashed head on with the ChristenUnie (‘social’ Christians) about a plan to restrict family reunification for refugees. None of the parties gave ground, leading to an unexpected collapse of the fourth (and final) Rutte government.

Class struggle and the state – Alan Woods’ editorial for IDoM 42: pre-order now!

Issue 42 of In Defence of Marxism magazine is available to pre-order now! Alan Woods’ editorial, which we publish here, looks at the Marxist view of the state and the role of the individual in history – unifying themes in this issue. This issue includes a Marxist critique of Graeber and Wengrow’s The Dawn of Everything; an analysis of the class struggle in the Roman Republic by Alan Woods; a look at the rise of ‘authoritarian’ governments and the Marxist view of Bonapartism; a review of Honoré de Balzac’s Human Comedy; and Trotsky’s invaluable article, Bonapartism and Fascism.