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Femicides in Mexico: justice for Alexis!

In the evening of Friday 7 November, 20-year-old Bianca Alejandrina, known to friends as Alexis, did not return home after she had gone out to sell electronic cigarettes in the suburbs of Cancún, in Quintana Roo, southeast Mexico. On Sunday, her dead body was found. She had been quartered. Her remains had been put in plastic bags. Thousands of youths took to their streets of Cancún and other cities to protest against this brutal murder.

Upcoming online event: after the 2020 elections – preparing for the American socialist revolution!

Joe Biden has been named president-elect, though Donald Trump is still refusing to concede. What will the 2020 election results mean for the US working class? What should socialists be doing in the aftermath? Join our US comrades at Socialist Revolution for a two-day online event, providing a Marxist analysis of the elections and the path to revolution in the USA. International participants welcome! Register now using the form on this page or by visiting our US comrades' registration site!

Canada: indigenous struggle and the fight for socialism – revolution, not reconciliation!

The following document is the product of over 20 years of study and participation in the fight of Indigenous peoples against Canadian capitalism. Over the years, we have learned from real-world struggle, and have detailed these experiences on the website. Revolution not Reconciliation encompasses the accumulated conclusions of the supporters of the International Marxist Tendency, Indigenous and non, applying Marxist theory to the movement on the ground.

The Poroshenko tapes: what discussions with Biden and Putin tell us about imperialism in Ukraine

On 19 May, Ukrainian opposition MP Andriy Derkach called a press conference to release a series of recordings of phone conversations in 2016 between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and then-US Vice President Joe Biden, along with US Secretary of State John Kerry. The recordings reveal several aspects of the relationship between the administrations of Poroshenko and Obama at the time; and furthermore, the influence that US imperialism had on the actions of the Poroshenko administration from 2014 to 2019. Just a couple of months later, Derkach revealed recordings between Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Although these discussions were much shorter, they revealed a certain familiarity and understanding between two presidents, who like to appear as mortal enemies to their respective supporters.

Biden’s win is no victory for the working class: the US needs a workers’ party!

Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential elections, to the delight of the establishment, and the relief of millions of ordinary Americans fed up with Donald Trump. However, US society remains polarised, and Biden represents the same bourgeois politics that led to Trump’s rise to begin with. Workers and youth need a real, class-based alternative to the rotten Democratic Party.

Pakistan: comrade Amar Fayaz abducted by state authorities

On 8 November at around 1:30 a.m., men in two jeeps of the kind typically used by security agencies for abductions, along with three police cars, abducted comrade Amar Fayaz in Jamshoro, Sindh. He was sitting near the gate of Liaqat Medical University in Jamshoro when this incident happened. No one knows his whereabouts since then. We appeal to all our comrades and supporters to struggle for his release!

[Audio] Alan Woods on art and socialism

Alan Woods, editor of, was interviewed on TAK Editions (podcast of the avant-garde TAK musical ensemble) about art, class struggle, socialism and revolution. In this interview, Alan explains that while art must be free – to explore new ideas, to experiment and to develop – it will never be so under the rotten capitalist system.

The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October

7 November is the anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, which altered the entire course of human history. The below article by Alan Woods (originally published in 1992) gives an excellent overview of the revolution as well as highlighting its main lessons. If you want to learn even more, check out our special page for detailed analysis, reading guides, videos and much more about this momentous event.

USA: break with the Democrats! A resolution presented to Phoenix DSA

The following resolution was proposed last month by IMT supporters in the Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America. In it, they argue against so-called lesser evilism, for an immediate and total break with the Democrats, and for a mass working-class socialist party. In the context of the ongoing electoral chaos, the arguments presented are more relevant than ever.

[Video] Trump, Biden and the class divide in the USA

Fred Weston, editor for, discusses the most polarised US election in living memory. With little genuine enthusiasm for Joe Biden, the highest number of people in a century turned out to essentially vote either for or against Donald Trump. At the time of writing, it appears as if Biden has narrowly scraped through to take the presidency, in an election that has thoroughly exposed the rottenness of US ‘democracy’.

Italy: the “second wave” brings with it a wave of protests

Italy has been struck by a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to further lockdown measures. With the government doing little to support those faced with infection and unemployment, sections of the working class and middle class have demonstrated in frustration. This anger must be channelled in a positive direction by the workers' movement, whose leaders have so far refused to offer any way forward.

Electoral chaos and the crisis of American bourgeois democracy

Election night has come and gone and, as expected, there are still no clear results. The general picture is one of utter polarization, and the threat of a descent into an unholy mess of bourgeois democracy. Last night, Socialist Revolution editor John Peterson provided an analysis of where things stood one day into the post-election chaos. Also available in a podcast format at Make sure you read the US comrades' night of the election editorial, stay tuned for more updates in the coming days, and register for their upcoming post-election event!

Livestream: US election 2020 chaos

Election night has come and gone and, as expected, there are no clear results. Trump has all but declared victory, while the Biden camp calls for patience. The general picture is one of utter polarization, and the threat of a descent into an unholy mess of bourgeois democracy. Socialist Revolution (USA) Editor John Peterson will provide an analysis of where things stand one day into the post-election chaos—coming up at around 5PM ET (10PM GMT)!

Britain: no compromises! Left leaders must fight!

The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is a declaration of war. The Labour left is faced with a stark choice: either to capitulate, or to fight to the finish. There is no middle road. Appeasement will not work. Now more than ever, we need bold leadership.

US elections 2020: the dumpster fire of American bourgeois democracy

This year's US presidential elections are a repulsive demonstration of the utter bankruptcy of American bourgeois democracy, at a time of unprecedented crisis and polarisation. No matter who wins, American workers and youth lose. Given the nightmare US capitalism has foisted on the country and the entire world, what is needed above all is a mass socialist party that will fight for the interests of working people.

Vienna: Terror amidst a rising humanitarian crisis 

At 8pm gunmen armed with assault rifles opened fire on the streets of Vienna. So far there are reports of two deaths and 15 wounded - of which 7 are in critical condition. Starting in Seitenstättengasse the attackers carried out shootings at 6 different places in the inner district of the city. One of the attackers has been shot by police forces while an unknown number of other terrorists have, for now, managed to escape into the city. This is the first major terrorist attack on Austria in 45 years.